A Series of Deterministic Events

#philosophy #ideology

What do we make of life’s greatest triumphs? a stroke of genius? a perfectly placed soulmate? stochastic process? stroke of luck? Denounce these ideas. Ridicule them. Not for their illegitimacy, but for their futility.

Rather take the stance — that which all unreasonable men should — of complexity & emergence.

Perhaps not all sequences are reducible nor decomposable to their constituents. This principle of computational irreducibility is often applied to life sciences, intelligence, biology, social sciences, why not individual accolades.

Suppose we rely on the complexities that respond to seemingly innocuous & inconspicuous detail — how then should we behave? For reliance on benign emergence is a fool’s fallacy.

Power, then, is the acceptance of the ridiculous nature of compounding emergence. Computational equivalence that rejects all hope of navigation, a consequence of irreducibility.

Instead, all great triumphs, the unfolding of wilful & unwilful acts, should be equally celebrated & dismissed. Maybe then, we live at ease.