Is it possible to define happiness as a set of non-linear basis functions that capture societal interaction effects?

Formalizing Happiness

Make Science Fun.

So ponder no longer my postmodern Pascal. Here’s how we…

A message to a dear friend — JH, embarking on a new journey.

Religion & God are so deeply entwined with — & in fact, inseparable from — the human condition. The origins of which possess an ambiguity & opacity that escape logic. Here we examine a plausible premise on which Religion & God may have arisen: perhaps nothing more than a function of evolution.

Does the Prosperity of Tribals Societies Necessitate Religion & God?

Evolutionary Primer

Evolutionary Primer Available Here

Evolution of Religion

Evolutionary thinking is a fundamental tool for logic & reason. From biology to culture to everything in between — things are only truly understood in the context under which they originate & the pressures that drive them. Here we detail evolution, not for biologists & geneticists — but rather as an abstract framework for problem solving.

why do we work 9 am-5 pm 5 days a week?

Thinking about the brain as an emergent computational engine.

The goal of this article is to think about the brain as a computational system, from the perspective of science & engineering.

1. Neuroanatomy

Why I think Modern Companies are Neglecting an Unprecedented Wealth of Cheap, Desperate Talent

More generally we have a shortage of computational thinking

A New Paradigm of Thought

See this simple pattern? What if it could change the way we think?

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