Chemical reactions and phase transformations underpin phenomena ranging from cosmological processes, to the emergence of life on Earth, to modern technologies and are therefore of tremendous interest for both basic and applied sciences.

Here I provide a review of recent advancements in the intersection between computational mathematics, material science & chemical engineering.



1. Automated Data Labeling

Fast Fourier Transforms were used to label the data in an automated & reliable manner.

2. Defect Identification

Deep learning was used to map breeches in lattice periodicity to atomic defects in Mo-doped WS2 — effectively identifying atomic defects in the data.

3. Defect Classification

Applications of Deep Learning in Material Science & Chemical Engineering


Applications of Electron Microscopy

EM hosts a series of important applications:

Life Sciences

  • Microbiology: providing insight into the microbiology of bacteria, viruses & other cells.
  • Medicine: Offering insight into disease diagnostics and damaged issues/cancers.
  • Forensics: Trace evidence such as gunshot residue, hairs, fibers, glass paint fragments, and fingerprints.

Material Sciences

Quality of materials ensuring that they are fit for purpose, preventing material failure, and designing new materials. Playing an essential role in aerospace, electronics, chemistry, and energy.

Semiconductor Sciences

Detailed topographical information is vital to developing…


Come as you are,

Go when you please.

Should I wonder how & when you might leave?

Or focus on how you differ from me?

Or try to change you, meticulously?

Forget all of that, & thank you, for now

The laughs. & quarrels. The jokes you allow

Change is the only constant, we know

One day soon, we won’t exchange “hello’s”

No matter for this! This moment? I’ll savour!

For the contrast in life, is where we find flavour.

Investment Thesis

Can individual investors expect high yield on short term equity portfolios?

Problem Specification

How should short term funds be handled?

Short-term investment requirements are often disjoint from their long-term counterparts. Short term investment often acts to:

  • Save for a particular event.
  • As a safety buffer.
  • Have higher liquidity & stability requirements.

Here I consider the viability of adopting a long term passive diversified portfolio approach to short term asset allocation. Backed by a statistical enquiry to assess performance in the expectation.

∞ A stochastic process that parameterize an uncountably infinite set of random variables - to solve for happiness.

Sometimes existence feels deplorable, other times, bliss. We cannot improve what we do not measure — so why not reverse engineer human emotion?

Is it possible to define happiness as a set of non-linear basis functions that capture societal interaction effects?

Formalizing Happiness

Make Science Fun.

A comical guide to Reinforcement Learning; Bayesian Statistical Updating & the Exploration vs Exploitation Paradigm.

So you’re the kid who got 100 for every math & physics test, you’ve read Hagel, you compose like Bach, you think in machine code, life is easy, thinking is fast (& slow), tasks are simple.

But there’s a problem… Girls don’t seem to care?!

So, if you’re growing tired of winning the olympiads but not having anyone to celebrate with :( ... At last! I have the answer for you my present-day progressive Picasso.

So ponder no longer my postmodern Pascal. Here’s how we…

A message to a dear friend — JH, embarking on a new journey.


Run in the forest.

Run fast.


Faster & further than you thought you could.

Sprint until your legs give way, you slip and fall & your knees bleed. Look around & realize where you are — in the forest, alone. And the forest doesn’t care about your bloody knees — so you’ll get up & run again.

Without your knowing, nor your consent, the world of things will recede around you & you’ll be left with nothing but the metaphysics of being.

Your mind & heart race as fast as blood pumps through your veins. Now you feel…

Religion & God are so deeply entwined with — & in fact, inseparable from — the human condition. The origins of which possess an ambiguity & opacity that escape logic. Here we examine a plausible premise on which Religion & God may have arisen: perhaps nothing more than a function of evolution.

Does the Prosperity of Tribals Societies Necessitate Religion & God?

Evolutionary Primer

To this aid, I wrote an evolutionary primer: explaining the basic mechanism, advanced & shortcomings in evolutionary theory. It’s available here:

Evolutionary Primer Available Here

Evolution of Religion

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