Personalized Marketing

How do we extract meaningful information from (potential) clients' data to drive personalized marketing strategies that improve client acquisition/revenue by an order of magnitude?

All (good) technology company now faces the unique challenge of distilling information from a plethora of data. Consumer tech products are able to collect…

How to use modular data architectures to efficiently generate & test hypotheses.

Exciting problems tend to have some hierarchical depth of complexity. Intelligent problem solving, then, requires mechanisms to abstract to a suitable level of complexity, given the current requirements & available resources.

I’m a data scientist so in my case, this applies to testing theories captured in data — however, think…

Chemical reactions and phase transformations underpin phenomena ranging from cosmological processes, to the emergence of life on Earth, to modern technologies and are therefore of tremendous interest for both basic and applied sciences.

Here I provide a review of recent advancements in the intersection between computational mathematics, material science &…

Applications of Deep Learning in Material Science & Chemical Engineering


Applications of Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopy — a method of generated nanoscale and mesoscale imagining by capturing how electrons interact with materials — is becoming increasingly powerful.

EM hosts a series of important applications:

Life Sciences

  • Microbiology: providing insight into the microbiology of bacteria, viruses & other cells.
  • Medicine: Offering insight into disease diagnostics and…


Come as you are,

Go when you please.

Should I wonder how & when you might leave?

Or focus on how you differ from me?

Or try to change you, meticulously?

Forget all of that, & thank you, for now

The laughs. & quarrels. The jokes you allow

Change is the only constant, we know

One day soon, we won’t exchange “hello’s”

No matter for this! This moment? I’ll savour!

For the contrast in life, is where we find flavour.

Investment Thesis

Can individual investors expect high yield on short term equity portfolios?

Problem Specification

Suppose you want to build a sound investment portfolio. Suppose, further, that you’ve settled on a long-term strategy. A problem arises:

How should short term funds be handled?

Short-term investment requirements are often disjoint from their long-term counterparts. …

∞ A stochastic process that parameterize an uncountably infinite set of random variables - to solve for happiness.

Sometimes existence feels deplorable, other times, bliss. We cannot improve what we do not measure — so why not reverse engineer human emotion?

Is it possible to define happiness as a set…

Make Science Fun.

A comical guide to Reinforcement Learning; Bayesian Statistical Updating & the Exploration vs Exploitation Paradigm.

So you’re the kid who got 100 for every math & physics test, you’ve read Hagel, you compose like Bach, you think in machine code, life is easy, thinking is fast (& slow), tasks are…

Zach Wolpe

Statistician, scientist, technologist — writing about stats, data science, math, philosophy, poetry & any other flavours that occupy my mind. Get in touch

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